ANTONIO MONEDERO. Born in Madrid 1980. Drummer, percussionist and producer. He has worked with nationally renowned artists and groups and tours throughout the Spanish territory and abroad: Huecco, Alcohol jazz, Lazurda, Desechos, Mr Kilombo, Amasumbu, Dremen, Raza Guaya, The Refrescos, LCD Funk Collective, Laimposible, Niños Velcro, Mad Division, Ogun Afrobeat, Blueskank, Potato Omelette Band, Ara Musa Honra…….. Recording albums with many of these groups.
He began studying with 14 years in Hardrum (Madrid) and throughout his life he has studied in Drummers Collective (New York) and with many drum and percussion teachers: Miguel Ferreira, Juanma Barroso, Salvador Niebla, Pedro Pablo (Cuba), Fernando Marconi (Brazil), Pau Martinez, Aboubakar Syla (Guinea Conakry), Tatita ”Márquez» (Uruguay), Frank (Yoruba Andabo-Cuba) and many others.
He traveled to Havana (Cuba) in 2016 to study with Changuinto (Los Van Van), Yaroldi Abreu (Chucho Valdés), Lucumi (Rumberos de Cuba) and Leo Moore (Pello el Afrokán).

He travelled in 2018 to Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) to study and learn the style of Samba Reggae and Axé music first hand with Tiago, Memeu and Gilmario de Olodum. Patinho and Mario Pam from Ilê Aiyê. Japa System, Elton Jackson, Capacete, Careca and Crá Rosa de Timbalada. Jaime Nascimento of Orkesta Rumpilezz, Dede Reis (Carlinhos Brown), Cuca (Eva Band), Cara de Cobra and Marcio Brasil (Ivete Sangalo).

He has been interested in the world of batucadas since 17 years old as part of the Bloco Dumdum group and he is currently the musical director of the Zumbalé batucada group and his school.
He is currently an active professor of different batucada meetings in Spain: Batebatuke, Gurus, Al-sambalus, Sambellota, Batendo, Torrijas party, Puxa Batuque, Apertuke, Xuntanza Batuqueira, Bloko del valle and many others.

Antonio Monedero works as a music teacher in different schools in Madrid:
-Esmuva: Drums, percussion teacher and director of percussion combos.
-Batucada workshop in different schools: IES Ortega y Gasset, IES José de Hierro, SEK International Private School and in CCOO.
Other recognized works:
– Recording of “Valencian community announcement – Tourism Valencia”, and other drums and percussion ads.
-BORDERLINE, Batucada for piano and orchestra, Rosa Torres Pardo, Ricardo Llorca and JORCAM, director of the batucada part.

-Percussion recorded for the soundtrack of the film “Ira” by Jota Aronak and the soundtrack of the short film “La Pelota” by Uruguaya Films.
-Solidarity percussion project in Praia (Cape Verde) for the NGO Bloko del Valle with children at risk of social exclusion.

-Mapex drummer and contemporary Brazilian percussion.
-Director of the recording studio “Zumbalé Studios”

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